Jan Jolley

Jan Jolley

Customer Service

Jan Jolley has spent 31 years as Doug Jolley’s “most important business partner.” Business doesn’t happen unless all the details are completed and the customers are taken care of. Jan is responsible for both customer service and the more complex details in our business that require her years of expertise to handle.

Her father, a naval commander, said “Jan could be a captain of industry.” In her first job after college and intensive scrutiny was the executive assistant to John Manning, the National Distribution Manager for Georgia Pacific.

Jan’s life story became one of caring rather than climbing career ladders. She prefers it that way. Jan is best known for her loving heart with many calling her “Momma Jan.” She has learned to balance her responsibilities in the family business utilizing those same gifts serving our clients needs while staying true to her best self caring for the needs of her family members.

Jan is not only a loving wife and business partner to Doug, and Mom but was a caregiver for her mother with Alzheimer’s, and helped with the care of Doug’s birth mother as well his father and stepmother in their final years. She does all with a smile and genuine love in her heart. You’re in good hands if Momma Jan is on the job.

Jan attended Columbia International and later Multnomah University. Today her joys include spending time with grandchildren and with their two pups, Champ and Nico.